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Hawaii Estate Jewelry Buyers were extremely professional, friendly, patient, and helpful in our dealings with them. We would highly recommend them and their business to anyone.

Peter & Wendy
Honolulu, HI



I just received the ring early. I am very pleased! It is exactly as the description and picture. Fits perfectly too. No snagging, which I was worried about. Feels smooth and doesn’t feel like I even have a ring on. I love it! I was very nervous to purchase a diamond ring online, but I did the research with rings in person – for the size and carat weight and found exactly what I wanted for less than 1/2 a retail stores price.

North Carolina


It was a pleasure to meet the operators of HEJB. They made me and my children feel as if they were part of our family. We truly appreciate their suggestions and fair prices. They even went out of their way and took us to the bank, where we could deposit the money into our account. We are grateful that now we have a company that we can trust totally. We highly recommend HEJB.

Ingrid T.
Molokai, HI



Moshe was very informative and took the time to explain in detail the value of each piece of jewelry. He was friendly and more than fair on the pricing. We would recommend his services to others.

Todd Y.
Kailua. HI


What a delight meeting and doing business with you. Your comments and thoughts helped me make an informed decision with regard to the sale of the Gold Clutch Handbag. I felt no pressure or obligation to sell the item. I am quite comfortable knowing that the clutch will not be melted down to a glob of gold but will continue to be used and enjoyed as I have. At such time I was ready to sell the clutch,the price you offered was fair. The payment, in a cashier’s check, was much appreciated.
I look forward to working with you again on other items in the near future.

Leona W.
Kahului, Maui



Aloha, Having gone to a cash for gold outlet, I wish I had known about Hawaii Estate Jewelry Buyers sooner. They took the time to look at everything piece by piece and offer me a good price on everything. And they even bought our semi-precious stones and jade pieces. They did buy our gold also, at real prices. But they are definitely the ones to go to with collectables. And how can someone offer 20% bonus if they are giving you top dollar? Maybe they are deducting 20% from the value? Anyway I recommend everyone to go to both and see who gives you the most value for your items.

Greg R.
Ka’a’awa, HI



I brought my old and unused jewelry to HEJB, the procedure was quick but thorough. They elucidated every step, which made me feel confidant and comfortable!

Liane F.
Honolulu, HI



I called HIEJB and was very satisfied with the outcome, the service was fast ( they came on time ) and to the point. The technician was on point and I felt very comfortable and not rushed. Most of items estimate wasn’t based on gold price but on collectable value. I sold Ming jewelry and old jade bracelets, I feel I got great value for it since I sold it to Collectors and not to a cash for gold company, I’m sure I will call HIEJB again when it’s time to sell more art/jewelry.

Carole A.
Honolulu, HI



First impression of the owner Moshe, he is very personable and very knowledgeable to what goes on in his industry. (May I add, the office is clean and beautiful)! Not only will he make sure that the appraisal process is thorough and professional, but he will take the time to educate you on the jewelry you brought in & guide you through the whole process. I will go here again for my jewelry appraisals and jewelry needs & I highly recommend this place.

Jocey N.
Honolulu, HI



My mom gave me a diamond ring she had from an old ex. I decided not to keep it, but wasn’t sure where to sell it. I shopped around for places that bought jewelry and after seeing a few gold buyers I ended up here.

They’re awesome and gave me way more money than offered at the other places!

So nice to know there are honest people like Moshe in Business today.

****Highly Recommend****

Honolulu, HI



Let me start out by saying, I’ve known Moshe for years since he’s been a customer of mine @my juice bar/deli. He has always been very gracious and personable in our dealings. Fast forward many years later, and I had the occasion to want some nicer diamond studs for my weekends out. So one day he shows up at my shop and says I have something that might interest you. He hands me a beautiful set of stud earrings and says try them on, wear them for awhile and let me know if this will work for you. Needless to say, I felt a bit guilty since we had no agreement to purchase the earrings but he seemed comfortable placing items of such value in my possession. As a business owner, trust is very essential in most of my customer encounters and I felt a strong sense of trust between us.. Long story short, I only wear earrings on weekends when I have events that I dress up for and ultimately it would be 2+ weeks before I actually had a chance to truly test drive the set. During those 2 weeks leading up to my extended test drive, I told Moshe of my moral dilemma and he said “not to worry”. Needless to say, after all that I ended up making arrangements to purchase the studs. He has since given me some much needed education on jewelry, watches etc. Believe me when it’s time to make any future purchases or if I’m just needing advice Moshe will be the first to get that call. I consider Moshe a friend, who I would have no reservations about doing with business AGAIN or referring any of my colleagues or friends to him. This is perfect example of small business shining bright

Chris B.
Honolulu, HI



I had a very good experience & customer service was awesome , office was very easy to find & there’s validated parking , I had got my grandma’s jewelry when she pasted away & was looking to know the value of her jewelry , they were very honest of what it’s worth & was offered fair price so I sold it , I’m very happy with everything!!!!

Maile C.
Honolulu, HI



Let me say first off that I have never sold any of my valuables before and had no idea where to start.

I had a bunch a nice jewelry which included a good watch, some rings, earrings, and a beautiful Tahitian pearl necklace and earring set that I wanted to sell. They had been sitting for a while because I hadn’t really been wearing them at all. I had thought many times about what I wanted to do with them because I know that jewelry often goes out of style and wouldn’t be worth much or might not be worth passing down to family because it might not be “their style” or it might be considered “old-fashioned” later.

Anyway, I looked all over yelp because there are a bunch of jewelry and gold buyers that I had heard about on TV or in the newspaper, and I wanted to check them out.

I stumbled across Hawaii Estate & Jewelry Buyers because they were the top recommendation with the highest reviews. I read through pretty much all the reviews, especially the ones that didn’t give high ratings, and decided that I wanted to try and see what they were about anyway.

I’m glad I did, because they were great.

You have to make an appointment with the receptionist first, (who was very patient, because I rescheduled about three times, due to work issues).

You can either meet them at their office, or they work with you to schedule at a place that’s good for you.

When I had my appointment, Moshe, the owner, (super nice and cool guy) explained his business to me first and what they were all about. They do mostly re-selling, and then some designing and melting down of items. The clientele used to be the older generations, but now has grown to a wide variety of people and age groups. Moshe then went through the process of what he was doing while looking at my jewelry and explained what he was looking for. He listed the prices at which he would be able to sell the items for, as well as the price that he would be able to buy them from me at. I must say, you HAVE TO REMEMBER that this is a business. I went in knowing very well that he had a business, and to make money, he would definitely not be able to give me what the items would sell for, and still make a profit himself. However, I do feel and know that he gave me very fair prices for all the pieces that I brought in.

You could tell he was VERY knowledgeable about everything that pertained to jewelry. He talked about each piece and even about other pieces he had bought in comparison. He even knew a lot of the places and people personally, that I got my jewelry from.

Much to my relief and appreciation, he also didn’t pressure me to sell him the pieces that I ended up wanting to hold on to too. This company and these people are the farthest thing from “sketchy”, which is what I really didn’t want to deal with.

The prices were very fair, and I ended up selling almost everything I brought in. He wrote me a check right there and I went to the bank and cashed in no problem.

I would definitely be back to see Moshe at the Hawaii Estate and Jewelry buyers again. Thank you!

Krystn Y.
Honolulu, HI



Moshe as most people would agree is very personable! He made the process of selling my jewelry a breeze. I really liked that he took the time to offer me alternatives to directly selling, I felt no pressure to make a decision. I would really recommend making an appointment!

Mia W.
Waianae, HI



Thank you so much to Moshe and Rina! I am in love with my new diamond earrings! They are absolutely perfect! You can definitely see the quality in them!

Right when I walked in, I immediately felt comfortable with both Rina and Moshe. I will definitely be a repeat customer and will recommend my family and friends!

Shari S.
Kaneohe, HI



Moshe is the best! If you’re in the market for something special, look no further. He’s a genuine, honest and stand-up guy. I never realized how insanely marked-up mall store jewelry is. Moshe has beautiful jewelry, that in my opinion, is better than things I’ve seen at some high end jewelry stores!

Candice N.
Aiea, HI



I had a GREAT!!! experience at Hawaii Estate and Jewelry Buyers. First let me say that this was my first time selling jewelry and HIEJAB made the process so comfortable . Moche, the owner and guy who evaluates your pieces is an amazing person. If you want honesty and someone who takes their time to look at what you have and give you a fair value for what your jewelry is worth, this is the place to go. Seriously, I was nervous that the process would be like a pawn shop but it was far from that. Truly professional guy. He knows his stuff. I left there with over $1000.

If I could rate with ten stars, I would give this place twenty.

Latwana P.
Aiea, HI



HIEJB’S outstanding and knowledgeable service made selling our old jewelry and gold pieces almost effortless. We had checked out 2 other places, but was most impressed with Moshe’s expertise, honesty and great customer service. A total win-win experience, and would recommend HIEJB to anyone in the market for selling any old jewelry or gold pieces! Scheduling an appointment was also a breeze.

Arnold Y.
Honolulu, HI



I highly recommend Hawaii Estate and Jewelry Buyers for buyers and sellers. I am a buyer. Without reservation, if I had something precious and was looking to find someone else to love it, I would definitely go to HEJB. I know the emerald pendent that I purchased was previously loved. I hope the previous owner is still with us, but if not, I know she will be very happy to know her emerald is going into a very special engagement ring for another happy couple. The purchase price was very reasonable and the communication was excellent. I have read the testimonials of others here and find their experiences are consistent with mine. I will definitely be a repeat customer as I look for opportunities to do business with great companies. Buying or selling, you cannot go wrong with Hawaii Estate and Jewelry Buyers. Very Highly Recommended.

Walt H.
Honolulu, HI



I came to Moshe to sell some of my late grandmother’s jewelry that has just been sitting in my safety deposit box.  It was hard to take the plunge because 1) I wasn’t sure how much the items were really worth and whether I would be getting a fair deal and 2) it was unsettling that I was parting ways with something that meant a lot to my grandmother.

Despite my concerns and hesitations, I felt really comfortable coming to Moshe.  You can tell he takes pride in his work and he is very knowledgeable about jewelry.  Moshe’s patient, professional, and friendly demeanor helped me to reach the decision I needed to about my pieces, and I was happy in the end.

My advice would be to be sure that you are ready to sell, and then come see Moshe to get a good and fair estimate on your items!

Thank you Moshe!

Sarah M.
Honolulu, HI



I went to 3 different companies to get comparisons on the value of my mother’s jewelry, and Hawaii Estate & Jewelry is by far above and beyond the others.  I take that back… there is no comparison.  You will be treated with the utmost respect, professionalism and most importantly, you will get the best appraisal and if you choose to sell, the best price for your jewelry.  I highly recommend doing business with Moshe.

Mohala R.
Lakewood, CA



Moshe and his team were very friendly and accommodating.  I’m glad I was able to sell a piece of jewelry that I no longer needed or used.  I highly recommend them if you are looking for a personable, professional, and comfortable place to sell (or buy) jewelry!  Thank you for the great customer service!

R. C.
Honolulu, HI



Wanting to potentially sell a piece of jewelry, I came across this business thru a yelp search. Initially not knowing much of anything about diamonds and jewelry for that matter this place seemed like the best place to inquire with. I was pleasantly surprised being contacted directly by Moshe (owner), to come in for an full evaluation and appraisal. I was more than satisfied with the service I received. Although I did not sell my item I learned a lot of things about my piece from him and what options were best for me. Moshe more than obviously has a passion for his job, which allows him to offer such great service with his vast knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend this business and would certainly return either it be to buy or inquire on selling.

Jackqui A.
Honolulu, HI




I just returned home from selling some of my grandmother’s jewelry and coins at HIEJB. This was the first time I’ve ever sold items to a jewelry buyer so I wasn’t sure what to expect or how much I would be getting back. After reading all of the positive reviews on Yelp, I chose to come here.
*Please note that they do not take walk-ins. Initially they will ask you to text or email a picture of the items you wish to sell. If interested in seeing the items in person, Moshe will ask you to make an appointment to bring the items to his office, which is conveniently located in downtown Honolulu.
Once I arrived, I was immediately greeted by his friendly staff, offered a seat and something to drink. The office is clean and inviting. After filling out a quick one-page form, I met Moshe, the owner. He was friendly and knowledgeable. He separated what I brought in into two piles-the “yes” and “no” pile. (The “no” pile had items that weren’t real gold or didn’t have much value).  After setting aside the “no’s” he carefully went through the “yes” pile which consisted of gold pieces, silver coins and jade. He used the acid test on a black stone to verify if the items were gold or not. He showed me the test results of the “yes” gold pieces versus some of the items in the “no” pile on the black test stone. He also did his research using his high tech magnifying glass (sorry, I don’t know the technical name for it- but it displayed the magnified image onto his computer which made it much easier for us to see) and iPad to determine which mint some of the silver coins were made at. He explained each step of the process in terms that were easy to understand. I appreciated his attention to detail and I also learned a little more about how coins are intricately stamped with the mint they are made at.
Moshe explained the current market price for the items and the price he was willing to offer. Not once did I feel pressured by him to sell/not sell. I felt that the price he offered was more than reasonable, especially for items I were no longer attached to.
Overall, I was impressed by the great customer service I was offered. I will definitely be back again if I come across any other items I find at home. And will be recommending Moshe and his team to anyone else interested in selling their unwanted items. Thank you again for giving life and value back to some of my grandma’s old jewelry items/coins! I look forward to doing business with you again soon.


Malia W.

Seattle, WA



The staff at HIEJB are incredible to work with. I sent them an email with an inquiry, and was promptly scheduled for an appointment. Moshe is extremely skilled at what he does. He is straightforward and shares all the information he has gotten with you. He is passionate about his business and holds it with high integrity – definitely the man to go to for a great business deal.


Cherlyn T.

Honolulu, HI



I just have to let the world know how amazing Moshe and his team are! My mother passed away and left me a very large cache of jewelry and I had so much that I was completely overwhelmed with the death and everything that I was dealing with. I googled to look for a reputable jeweler to see what the worth of the jewelry was and also to redo 3 rings that were in dated settings. Well as soon as walked into his office and sat down to review the items I was put as ease with his professionalism!
I told him how I wanted it but gave him the freedom to design jewelry. They came out absolutely GORGEOUS AND TIMELESS! They will be passed down to my granddaughters for generations to come!
I will certainly use him again and absolutely recommend him for all your jewelry needs!


Jeanett D.

Bay City, TX



I recently sold 2 watches to Hawaii Estate and Jewelry Buyers and Moshe and his staff were so wonderful to deal with. Moshe is very knowledgeable and professional and is always willing to answer any questions you might have. He also makes sure that you feel comfortable with whatever decision you make and does not pressure you in any way. I would definitely recommend them to all my family and friends when it comes to luxury watches and jewelry dealings.


Choice G.

Kailua, HI



Moshe and his staff were very kind and helpful. Having worked years in retail, first impressions are important. They hit all the marks. The office is beautifully done, simple yet sleek. The two office assistants greeted me; one offered me water, which I politely declined. Moshe is an experienced and knowledgeable jeweler. Having worked for a worldwide jewelry company myself, years prior, I felt confident, and relieved, because he knew his stuff. He carefully examined each piece with his loop and sorted them into a pile he wanted and didn’t want. We negotiated, discussed what would sell and I left there a happy customer. His offer was more than fair. Other places would have tried to low ball or finagle their way out of it. They also have a huge inventory of luxury jewelry, watches and coins etc. So I always peruse their website for jewelry that is unique and of excellent quality. This place, Moshe and his staff, is the ONLY place I would go to for re-selling jewelry and luxury items.


Samantha C.

Honolulu, HI



Elegant looking place. Moshe was so “real” for a jewelry buyer, although I’m not really sure what I expected. He clearly and concisely explained the process. I thought his assessment could have been higher ONLY because I had an emotional attachment to the jewelry. It was not something I wanted to do, so I suggest one really consider this action. Moshe also educated me about a few things. It was interesting. All in all a good experience…and it didn’t take all day either. That’s a good thing if you are a busy person. Thank you Moshe.


Kaimana P.

Kailua, HI