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Whether you need a jewelry appraisal for insurance purposes, or just to know the value of your items, Hawaii Estate & Jewelry Buyers is here to help.

  • Hawaii’s #1 Jewelry Buyers with over 16 years in the industry
  • In-house jewelry specialists certified with GIA, CAGA, and more.
  • 5-star rated, locally owned and operated
  • Same or next-day appointments are usually available

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Is my jewelry real? What is my jewelry worth? Where can I get my jewelry appraised in Hawaii?

Our verbal jewelry appraisals include a one-on-one consultation, including testing of gemstones and gold, discussion on market trends, and a breakdown of value. With over 16 years in the industry, buying and selling, you’ll receive a realistic and experienced view. You are welcome to ask questions.

Our paper jewelry appraisals also start with a one-on-one jewelry appraisal consultation but also provide a signed document from our company with a description of the articles and estimated retail replacement values. Insurance companies require a paper appraisal, and they may be the best choice if you’d like documentation, such as for reporting back to a trust on equitable division, or for handing down the items to future generations.

We can customize your jewelry appraisal for what you need and what you want to know.

Paper appraisals (insurance purposes, trusts, etc):
starting at $209* per item

Verbal appraisals (discussion of value & basic testing, up to 30 min):
starting at $99* per item

* prices at time of posting, please contact us for most recent pricing.
– please note, an appraisal is not an offer to purchase your item.

Frequently Asked Appraisal Questions:

Where can I get an appraisal for my jewelry in Hawaii?

As Hawaii’s #1 Jewelry Buyers, we can appraise your jewelry and discuss with you the value. Whether you’d like a verbal appraisal just to know what your jewelry is worth, or a paper appraisal for your jewelry insurance company or for an estate, we can appraise your jewelry items.

Do I need a jewelry laboratory certificate? Do I need a GIA certificate? Where can I get a laboratory GIA certificate in Hawaii?

Having a laboratory certificate, especially a GIA does help to know what the quality of your item is. Having one may help you sell your item, and help you to accurately insure it. You do not need to have one for either purpose however, and we can create you a paper appraisal that will satisfy both your insurance company and your curiosity.

Is the Appraisal value what you would buy it for? What percentage of my jewelry appraisal value can I sell it for? Why am I getting offers below what my jewelry appraisal says?

Unfortunately, it is very rare to be able to receive the appraised price when selling your item. Any buyer would need to purchase below what they could sell an item for in order to accommodate for the fees of selling a pre-owned item (auction fees, repairs, polishing, appraisals, shipping, employees, etc). Your appraisal price may be much higher than the actual value, especially if you received the appraisal from the company who sold it to you and if they had a very high markup for their retail price. Age, wear, condition, damage, fashion trends, gold prices, and other factors may also alter the value of items after the appraisal date.

Is an estimate the same thing as an appraisal? Can I find out what my jewelry is worth without having to sell it?

An “estimate” is for when you are looking to sell your items. There is no fee to receive an estimate, but this price is not an “appraisal”. If you are looking to have your item inspected, tested, valued, and/or to write down some information for future reference, it would become an appraisal, and there is a fee for that time and the tools and tests involved.

What certifications do you have?

Our local jewelry specialists have a combined 40+ years in the business. Certifications include Certified Appraiser with the Certified Appraisers Guild of America, GIA Graduate Gemologist, and more. Please see our 5-star Yelp and Google reviews ratings, customer service is our priority. We are also A+ rated by the BBB and a longstanding member of the Hawaii Jeweler’s Association.

How much is a jewelry appraisal in Hawaii?

Our verbal appraisals start at $85 per item, and our paper appraisals start at $195 per item. Paper appraisals for one or two items may be done while you wait or may take a few days depending on the item and type of tests needed. If you have multiple items, we may be able to customize a package price, please give us a call.

Why would I need a jewelry paper appraisal?

There are several reasons why a paper appraisal is a good idea and several why it is required. Some common reasons are:
– Jewelry Insurance appraisals
– Estate planning / Trust evaluations for distribution
– Divorce or division of property and settlement
– To have a document your own knowledge and peace of mind

When would I need a verbal appraisal?

Most often clients seek a verbal appraisal to answer questions they have. Is this Rolex I inherited real? Are these diamonds real? Is this something valuable I should hide away? Is this jewelry I bought online what they said it was? Knowing the answers can also help you decide if you want to keep or sell an item.

Do I need an appraisal to get jewelry insurance?

Most insurance companies will require a jewelry appraisal paper in order to insure your item. We work frequently with Jeweler’s Mutual.

Can you appraise something I bought online? Can you appraise something before I buy it?

We can! We’d be happy to inspect and let you know if the seller had been truthful and if you paid a fair price. If you purchased a loose diamond, we are also able to create stunning custom engagement ring settings!