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  • Get In Touch

    Contact us by phone / text (808) 729-6000 or through our contact form or email. Please include photos to expedite the scheduling process.

    Schedule an Appointment

    Once we confirm the items you are bringing in, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment time.  Appointments are available Monday through Friday.

    Receive an Offer

    On the day of your appointment, our technician will evaluate your items in person and answer any questions you may have.  We will then provide you with a buy-offer.

  • Get In Touch & Send Photos

    Contact us through our contact form, or by email. Please include photos of all the items you are looking to sell.

    Receive an estimate

    Once we receive initial photos of your items we will send you a preliminary estimate. If you accept the estimate, you can mail your items to us for an evaluation.

    Send us your items for evaluation (USA only)

    We will conduct an evaluation and send you a final offer. If you are satisfied with the offer we will send payment immediately, if not we will send the merchandise back.

There are many places to sell jewelry in Hawaii, but not every place guarantees the best value for your prices or offers exceptional quality of service for your time.

We also offer appraisal services (verbal and paper), help evaluating inherited fine jewelry items, on location appraisals, and more – contact us today!

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