Happy April Birthday! – Diamond

If you are born in April, your birthstone is the diamond! Lucky you!

Diamonds are the most commonly known and sought after of all stones. Commonly used in wedding rings, the most common diamond desired is colorless, however fancy color diamonds are extraordinarily valuable in colors such as yellow, blue and pink.


  • Diamonds are the hardest known material on earth
  • Diamonds are formed under high temperature from carbon atoms, hence some diamonds have carbon inclusions
  • GIA states that “most diamonds formed more than a billion years ago, deep in the earth’s mantle.” 
  • Diamonds are graded by the 4 C’S: Carat (size), Color, Clarity, and Cut
  • Diamond is also the gem traditionally given on 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries. 

Tiffany & Co 3 Stone Diamond Ring

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