All About Jade

One of our favorite materials here at Hawaii Estate and Jewelry Buyers is JADE.


Jade holds a strong place in Chinese culture and fine Jade is a revered stone. Many people here in Hawaii have jade items somewhere in their household, but knowing what is valuable is difficult for a novice.

Not all Jade is extremely valuable. There are jade bracelets available in Chinatown for a few dollars, and yet there are jade items that are especially rare and expensive. The color, the transparency, and clarity all factor into whether or not a jade is precious. Jade can often be treated to enhance colors or clarity.

Jade is either Jadeite or Nephrite. Jadeite is more wanted, and Nephrite, while still Jade, is usually not as sought-after. Nephrite is softer and often more white or grey casted and less translucent.

GIA Grade A Nephrite Jade Twist Bangle

“Imperial Jade” is a term that is often loosely used, however true “Imperial Jade” is usually also what is known as “Grade A” Jade that is dark emerald in color. It is transparent with a vibrant green color, often dark green, that is not treated or dyed. This color is the most prized of all Jade.

Jade White Gold With Stones

Depending on the appraiser, it can be heat treated and waxed however so it’s always best to certify an item even if it claimed to be “Imperial”.

Grade A jade can be different colors such as lavender, red, white, yellow etc as long as it is not dyed or treated.

Grade B is usually treated but not dyed, it is still “natural jade” although the stone is enhanced. It can be polymer impregnated or bleached. Most jade from Hong Kong is B Grade.


Grade C usually means that the jade is treated, dyed, filled, or otherwise that makes the color unnatural and durability decreased. Grade C and below are usually the low value jades that you can buy on the street in China Town for a few dollars.

Seasoned gemologists spend years working with real and fake jade and can even tell whether jade is real from the weight, sound, and even the coolness to the touch.

It takes a veteran jewelry buyer to recognize valuable jade, here at Hawaii Estate and Jewelry Buyers we will always let you know if you have a treasure on your hands. We pride ourselves on reputation and honesty, so feel free to text or email us a photo of your jade items that you are looking to sell and if we are able to assist, we will set up an appointment and do our best to help you understand the value of your items so that you can feel comfortable about selling your items to us.

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