Happy March Birthday! – Aquamarine

The birthstone for March babies is Aquamarine. Aquamarine is beautiful clear blue stone. Named so because of it’s beautiful water color (Aqua meaning “water” and Marina meaning “sea), Aquamarine is a symbol of tranquility, hope, and youth.

A pearl ring with aquamarine accents.
  • Aquamarine is part of the Beryl family of mineral
  • Aquamarine is the traditional 19th wedding anniversary gem
  • The Aquamarine is said to help facilitate happy marriages because of it’s temper calming properties
  • Mainly Aquamarine is mined in Brazil
  • Popular with modern designers, the aquamarine’s color brings out any inclusions and so a clean stone is often cut to show case the clarity, and a stone with inclusions can be cut more creatively.

    Art Deco 13.69ct Aquamarine Diamond Ring
    This Art Deco 13.69ct Aquamarine Diamond Ring is available for $3,000 this month for March!

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