What is refined gold?

Do you know what happens when gold is melted? Sometimes gold jewelry is sold for “gold weight”. Usually the gold is then processed at a refinery to separate the pure gold from other materials. Since gold is soft, it is often combined with nickel (white gold), silver, palladium or even copper (rose gold). The pure gold can be melded into new jewelry or sold by weight.

This is what our refined gold looks like after this process.

We are not a “Cash for Gold” facility, and we always try first to buy jewelry at jewelry value, with the intention of reselling. This way the pieces can be enjoyed by a new owner. However when we do create refined gold, we use this gold to create new pieces of jewelry such as in our engagement ring designs or repairing vintage pieces. This way, the gold is recycled and re-purposed, for a new owner to enjoy for years to come.

Please give us a call and you can be sure to receive honest advice to make an informed decision on selling your jewelry, gold or otherwise!

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