All about March Birthstone Aquamarine

March Birthstone Aquamarine

March Birthstone AquamarineHold your breath. Is it really March already?! January was a nightmare, February was a blip and now, what is this?! If you’re born in March, you’re probably freezing your butt unless you’re lucky to be in Australia right now. Those Aussie babes are enjoying their sunshine and making you jealous while you’re layered underneath your 5th sweater, muttering “Why do I deserve this?!”. Before your fingers turn into ice, are you ready to learn all about March Birthstone Aquamarine?

If you’re nodding yes, then you’re brave! That’s one of the great qualities of your birthstone, Aquamarine. It also symbolizes friendship, trust and faithfulness. Furthermore, do you know that when you wear Aquamarine, it reduces stress and boosts your immune system? Don’t run off to buy a boat load of aquamarines yet you silly goose! It’s all about moderation. Let’s learn a little bit more about this magical blue gemstone that gives off an immediate calming aura. Aquamarines are believed to be washed ashore from the jewelry boxes of mermaids if you believe in legends. For the romantic at heart, it also helps improve marriage and relationships. Want a stronger focus at work? Wear Aquamarine because it will sharpen your intelligence and provides you with good luck.

So what kind of aquamarine is a good one? The deeper shade of blue it is, the more valuable it is. It also complements any skin tone or eye color. If you soak it in water before you wear it, it becomes potent enough to ward off diseases and anxiety. Most commonly found in Brazil but you don’t need to go all the way over there to get one of your very own Aquamarine. You can just go to our ebay store! Even if the prices scare you, it’s good for your soul to stare at these blue babies.

First stop, let’s admire this art-deco inspired natural aquamarine and diamond ring that’s available to purchase. Isn’t it stunning?
art deco inspired natural aquamarine and diamond ring

For the old-fashioned souls who are reading this, you might be tempted to empty your savings account if you let your eyes wander on this greenish blue vintage oval Aquamarine and diamond ring. Not to mention it’s huge and eye-catching! vintage aquamarine

I save the best for last. This is so far my favorite Aquamarine ring, hands down. It’s a unique Aquamarine and diamond high fashion white gold ring that will make your jaws drop. unique aquamarine and diamond high fashion white gold ring

Happy Birthday March babes! Here’s to a month full of calm and serenity like your gemstone, Aquamarine!