If you’re feeling green this Saint Patrick’s Day

I’m not Irish but I would imagine Irish people to be a bunch of boorish drunk people who are hot-tempered and likes to throw rocks at bars windows. I’m just kidding! Irish people are one of the nicest and friendliest people you’ve ever met and you’re lucky if you have an Irish friend and you should keep them in your life forever. I don’t need to tell you what today is if you’re an Irish because you’re probably wearing green and at a nearby pub with your friends already.

If you’re feeling green (and not in a sick, I want to throw up right now way), you should help your Irish friends celebrate by putting a little bit of green in your wardrobe and jewelry. Speaking of jewelry, have you checked out our auctions? We have a great selection of emeralds, jade and Ming’s to keep you company.

How about some emerald pieces that bring you luck whenever you look at it? I wish! But still, when it’s a beautiful piece like this, you don’t care if you’re lucky or not. You can look at it and dream. One of my favorite pieces to look at is this gorgeous emerald and diamond three stone platinum ring. Don’t let the price scare you though. It’s good to fantasize about how nice it would look on you when a millionaire propose to you some day. A girl can dream, right? If you're feeling green this Saint Patrick's Day, gorgeous emerald and diamond three stone platinum ring.

If you’re not feeling green enough, I have another one that makes you want to maybe splurge a bit? This one’s a bit bearable in terms of price, considering it’s only a grand. An apple green marquise jade ring that is sure to make a statement with your Saint Patrick’s Day outfit. If you're feeling green this Saint Patrick's Day, apple green marquise jade ring.

If you’re not into rings, we have something to adorn your ears as well. This natural jade and diamond yellow gold earrings are versatile enough to wear it with your formal gown or a casual beach dress.natural jade and diamond yellow gold earrings

Now that you’re all feeling fully green, I wish you a very happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Don’t forget to drink some green juice for your hangover tomorrow!