Happy August Birthday! – Peridot & Sardonyx


Peridot is a beautiful green stone. The green of peridot ranges from bright lime green to a brownish olive.

Some facts about Peridot:

– In Hawaiian culture, Peridot represents the tears of the Goddess Pele (Goddess of fire/volcano)

– Greeks believed that the Peridot bestowed royalty

– The best Peridots are said to be “Kashmir Peridots” from Pakistan

– Peridot is believed to bear vitality and strength and also to help prevent nightmares



Sardonyx is a gemstone that is red with white bands. They are found in India, Czechoslovakia, Brazil, Uruguay, Germany and the United States.

Some facts about Sardonyx:

– Ancient Greeks and Romans carried Sardonyx engraved with heroes like Mars or Hercules for courage and victory

– The most famous Sardonyx was a ring with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England given to the Earl of Essex as a token of friendship. He later was to be executed and tried to send the ring to the Queen to ask for help, however Lady Nottingham, whose husband was an enemy of the Earl, intercepted it. The Queen thought the Earl was too proud to ask for her help and so she allowed his execution. It is believed that when she found out years later that he had tried to send her the ring to ask for her help, she was heartbroken.

– Sardonyx is believed to stimulate energy, metabolism and circulation

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