The best jewelry pieces to give to a January birthday girl

Is it just me or is January a month full of extremes? You have people who are excited and happy about the new year, new beginnings, fresh start, detox, getting up a 5 am, lose 10 pounds in 3 days (you get the idea) and you get people who are just too pessimistic to even watch the news, let alone walk their dogs. And Congratulations, your birthday is in January! Which camp do you fall under? I’m guessing the former because I like you and you seem nice. Forget about the used gift cards that your family generously bestowed upon you this past Christmas. Forget about the obviously double-wrapped Christmas paper that your mom gave your present in. You deserve better! The best, in fact. You know what you’re going to do? Buy some bubbles for your fabulous self. Here are some of the best beautiful jewelry pieces to give to a January birthday girl or you know, if you’re feeling generous, your fellow January borns!

  1. Diamond Round Brilliant & Baguette 14K White Gold Bracelet

This bracelet is perfect for the girl who likes bling but don’t want to get any attention. It’s made of round and baguette diamonds that wraps around your wrist with an elegant clasp.

      2. London Blue Topaz White Gold Bracelet & Earrings Set

Instead of buying a bracelet and and an earrings separately, you can buy the entire set of this gorgeous blue toaz set and get the party going. Elegant, sophisticated and subtly charming, it’s the kind of gem that classy girls choose.

      3. Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Branch Style 18K Yellow Gold Necklace 

Sapphire and Diamond is like bread and butter. Salt and Pepper. Rubber and Glue. Sonny and Cher…..okay, I’ll stop. I feel like those gem stones complement each other so well and I love that this necklace is conversation starter for the bold lady who wears it with say, flip flops? I don’t recommend it but if you do, you will definitely turn heads.

     4. Antique Cultured Pearl Flexible Drop W/seed Pearls and yellow gold earring 

I know what you’re going to say. Pearls are so over! It’s for the old ladies, blah blah blah. Wait till you see this beautiful pair of pearl earrings that look like it’s fetched from Titanic’s treasure chest. Let’s just say you’re at a party, wouldn’t it be so cool if you pretend that those pieces of earrings are from a famous abandoned shipwreck?! Imagine a crowd gather around you as you regal them with this tale.

     5. Diamond “Flower” White Gold Pendant & Necklace 

It’s rare that you come across an antique looking diamond necklace that looks like a beautiful flower. I bet you haven’t see many of these before. Made with white gold and round brilliant diamonds, this necklace is a keeper.

Now that you’re all set to shower yourself in diamonds and gold,  the next plan is to find cute outfits to wear with them. For that, I’ll leave that to the mall and your well-dressed but slightly pretentious sister. Happy Birthday and Happy Shopping!