How To Add The Pantone Color Of the Year To Your Jewelry Collection

How to make pantone part of your jewelry collectionPantone has come up with the new color every year to inspire designers and creatives everywhere and set the color trend for the upcoming season. For 2017, it’s “Greenery”, a yellow-greenish color that signify renewal, freshness and the start of spring. Before you start grabbing everything green off the rack, consider incorporating into your wardrobe in small doses like a jewelry piece for example. Thankfully, greenery is a shade that can be paired with many other colors that you might already have like neutrals, pastels and deeper shades of color and even metallics. We have some amazing jade and emerald pieces in our collection which will make an elegant addition to your overall look. Here are the pieces we’ve especially chosen to celebrate the pantone color of the year:

      1.  Vintage 1970’s Apple Green Natural Jade 14K Necklace 

This jade necklace is a perfect statement to wear it with the little black dress or a floor length gown to a holiday party. You can layer the necklace with others or just let it stand it on its own. It is sure to make a splash.

     2.  Apple Green Marquise Diamond Platinum Ring

A gorgeous cocktail inspired ring that would look catch eyes everywhere and will also look great while holding your drink. It will get people talking for sure.

   3.  22K Gold Chinese Jade Earrings

If your ears need a little sparkle this holiday season, you can adorn them with these jade gold Chinese earrings that will complement perfectly with your metallic eyeshadow and red lips.

  4.  Natural Jadeite Green Diamond Platinum Ring

This delicate Jade ring is a unique piece with a translucent shade of green surrounded by 4 near square brilliant colorless diamonds and 2 pear brilliant colorless diamonds. You won’t find a piece like this anywhere.

  5.  Natural Apple Green Jade Chinese Yellow Gold Pendant and Necklace

A personal favorite. This gorgeous necklace is ready to wear with the best of your party dresses and will be a hit with your friends who will beg you to know where you get it from.

The year 2016 has been harsh for all of us. That’s why Pantone color of the year, Greenery can remind us that we can always start over and put a little sparkle back in our step. I hope you enjoy these pieces and if you don’t find anything that you fancy, you can check out the rest of our Jade collection here.