The History of Pierced Ears

Piercing dates all the way back as much as 5,000 years ago. Piercings were worn for fashion but often they signified other things like profession, wealth, and sometimes were believed to hold superstitious powers.


Whatever the reason pierced ears came into fashion, everyone agrees that when shorter hairstyles became popular, so did showing off the ears. The roaring 20’s cropped styles meant lavish chandelier earrings – However, ‘screw-back’ earrings (earrings where the back plate screws to tighten to the front- eliminating the need for a pierced ear) became popular and having actual pierced ears was thought to be less refined in the US while piercings were still culturally practiced in other countries like India.


In fact, in the 1960’s and ‘70s when Indian culture began to influence American (think the Beatles and Hare Krishna) many Americans who visited India would return with nose piercings and soon piercing became apart of the punk scene and the youth rebellion of the ‘80s.

Since then, body piercings have been popular in many cultures, including belly piercings and piercings other areas of the lips, nose and ears.

Vintage Jewelry is great to consider if you do not have pierced ears, since many of these pieces are clip-on or non-pierced screw-back.


There are however, many beautiful pieces of vintage jewelry for pierced ears, like studs, chandelier earrings and many more!


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