A Piece of Hawaii History: Ming’s Hawaii

Many of our loyal clients found us on their search for Ming’s Hawaii jewelry.

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Ming’s opened in 1940’s by Wook Moon and eventually had retail stores not only in Hawaii but in San Fransisco and New York.
Ming’s became popular among folks in the downtown area with a store here in Fort Street mall. Some of our clients themselves tell us their memories of Mr. Moon offering no-interest lay-away for modestly paid downtown secretaries and office workers to afford buying a piece every now and again.

Ming’s became a favorite staple in Hawaiian jewelry as it often featured beautiful Hawaiian and Asian cultural themes.
They often featured delicately carved ivory pieces, as well as sterling silver brooches, pearl and jade clusters, and gold bangles.

Ming's Hawaii Large Phoenix Bird 14K Ring Ming's Hawaii Bird in Plum Blossom 14K Hinged Bangle Ming's Hawaii Black Coral Pearl Twin Ring Ming's Hawaii Pearl Jade Cluster Ring

Popular themes includes the Peony, Lotus, Chrysanthemum, and Plum Flowers, the infamous “Bird in Plum” and others. Some are said to represent the seasons, or represent the blending of different Asian cultures.

Ming's Hawaii Bird in Plum Blossom Rectangular Ring Ming's Hawaii Bird in Plum Blossom Round Earrings

The last retail shop for Ming’s closed in 1999.

Ming's Hawaii Plum Blossom Dome Ring Ming's Hawaii Bird in Plum Blossom Large 30mm Hinged Bangle Vintage Ming's Hawaii Jade Pale Green/White and Brown Splash 14K Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet Vintage Ming's Hawaii Carved Phoenix 14K Yellow Gold Dome Ring Vintage Ming's Hawaii Carved Yin Yang 14K Yellow Gold Dome Ring Vintage Ming's Hawaii Carved Chinese Character Scroll 14K Yellow Gold Dome Ring

It makes us very happy that our clients sometimes are able to find on our website the Ming’s Hawaii piece they’ve been looking for. Often, they are looking to replace a treasured stolen item from their youth, or looking to have a replica of a piece that their grandmother or mother had many years ago.

Ming's Jade Pearl Leaf BroochMing's Silver Flower Brooch Ming's Hawaii Jade Clasp 32" Pearl Necklace

Whether you remember Ming’s or are just now turning onto this precious piece of Hawaiian jewelry history, we hope you find what you are looking for in our inventory! And if you are looking to sell your Ming’s items, please contact us and rest assured that we value Ming’s items as much as you do, and would never melt or disassemble these classic pieces, keeping the Ming’s tradition here in downtown Honolulu.

Simply send us a photo of your item and we’ll be happy to see how we can assist.

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