Official State Gemstones

Do you know your state’s official rock, gemstone, or mineral?

In Hawaii, our state gem is black coral which is technically not a gemstone but arguably an ‘animal’ or rather, the external secretions of polyps underwater. Read more on coral here.


Here’s a chart from NETSTATE.COM:

AlabamaHematite (Red iron ore)Official mineral1967
AlabamaMarbleOfficial rock1969
AlabamaStar Blue QuartzOfficial gemstone1990
AlaskaJadeOfficial state gem1968
AlaskaGoldOfficial state mineral1968
ArizonaTurquoiseOfficial state gemstone1974
ArkansasDiamondOfficial state gem1967
ArkansasQuartz crystalOfficial state mineral1967
ArkansasBauxiteOfficial state rock1967
CaliforniaNative goldOfficial state mineral and mineralogic emblem1965
CaliforniaSerpentineOfficial State rock and lithologic emblem1965
CaliforniaBenitoiteOfficial state gemstone1985
ColoradoAquamarineState gemstone1971
ColoradoRhodochrositeState mineral2002
ColoradoYule marbleState rock2004
ConnecticutGarnetState mineral1977
DelawareSillimaniteOfficial state mineral1977
FloridaMoonstoneFlorida state gem1970
FloridaAgatized coralFlorida state stone1979
GeorgiaQuartzState of Georgia’s official gem1976
GeorgiaStauroliteState of Georgia’s official mineral1976
HawaiiBlack coralOfficial gem1987
IdahoStar garnetOfficial state stone, or gem1967
IllinoisCalcium flouride (Flourite)Official state mineral1965
IndianaLimestone (Salem limestone)Official stone1971
IowaGeodeState rock1967
Kansas[ None ]
KentuckyFreshwater-pearlState gemstone1986
KentuckyCoalOfficial mineral1998
KentuckyKentucky agateOfficial rock2000
LouisianaAgateOfficial state gemstone
Official state mineral
LouisianaCabochon cut gemstone, derived from Crassostrea virginica molluskOfficial state gemstone2011
MaineTourmalineOfficial mineral1971
MarylandPatuxent River StoneState gem2004
MassachusettsBabingtoniteMineral or mineral emblem1971
MassachusettsRhodoniteGem or gem emblem1979
MassachusettsGraniteBuilding and monument stone1983
MassachusettsDighton RockExplorer rock1983
MassachusettsPlymouth RockHistorical rock1983
MassachusettsRoxbury Puddingstone (Roxbury Conglomerate)Rock or rock emblem1983
MichiganPetoskey stoneState stone1965
MichiganChlorastroliteState gem1972
MinnesotaLake Superior agateOfficial gemstone1969
MississippiPetrified woodState stone1976
MissouriGalenaOfficial mineral1967
MissouriMozarkiteOfficial rock and lithologic emblem1967
MontanaMontana agateOfficial Montana state gem stone1969
MontanaSapphireOfficial Montana state gem stone1969
NebraskaChalcedony stone, Blue agateState gem stone1943
NebraskaChalcedony stone, Prairie agateState rock1943
NevadaVirgin Valley black fire opalOfficial state precious gemstone1987
NevadaNevada turquoiseOfficial state semiprecious gemstone1987
NevadaSandstoneOfficial state rock1987
New HampshireGraniteOfficial state rock1985
New HampshireBerylOfficial state mineral1985
New HampshireSmoky quartzOfficial state gem1985
New Jersey[ None ]
New MexicoTurquoiseOfficial gem1967
New YorkGarnetOfficial gem1969
North CarolinaEmeraldOfficial State precious stone1973
North CarolinaGraniteOfficial State rock1979
North CarolinaGold AurumOfficial state mineral2011
North Dakota[ None ]
OhioOhio flint (Crypto-crystalline variety of quartz)Official gem stone1965
OklahomaBarite Rose (Rose rock)Official rock1968
OklahomaHourglass Selenite CrystalOfficial crystal2005
OregonThundereggOfficial rock1965
OregonSunstoneOfficial gemstone1987
Pennsylvania[ None ]
Rhode IslandCumderlanditeOfficial state rock1966
Rhode IslandBoweniteOfficial state mineral1966
South CarolinaAmethystOfficial gem stone1969
South CarolinaBlue graniteOfficial stone1969
South DakotaFairburn agateOfficial state gemstone1966
South DakotaRose quartzOfficial state mineral stone1966
South DakotaBlack hills goldOfficial jewelry1988
TennesseeTennessee pearlOfficial state gem1979
TennesseeCalcium carbonate (Limestone)Official state rock1979
TennesseeAgateOfficial state mineral2009
TexasBlue topazState gemstone1969
TexasPetrified palmwoodState stone1969
TexasSilverPrecious metal2007
UtahTopazState gem1969
UtahCoalState rock1991
UtahCopperState mineral1994
VermontGrossular garnetState gem1992
VermontMarbleState rock1992
VermontGraniteState rock1992
VermontSlateState rock1992
VermontTalcState mineral1992
Virginia[ None ]
WashingtonPetrified woodOfficial gem1975
West VirginiaCalcedonyState gem1990
West VirginiaBituminous coalOfficial state rock2009
WisconsinGalena (Lead sulfide)State mineral1971
WisconsinRed graniteState rock1971
WyomingJadeOfficial gemstone1967