Happy October Birthday! – Opal & Tourmaline

Tourmaline Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in a rainbow of colors! Meaning “mixed stone”, tourmaline can be red to yellow to green and more. Tourmaline that shows more than one color, such as bi-color or tricolor tourmaline is highly prized.

– Watermelon Tourmaline shows Pink, green and white, resembling a watermelon!

– Iron and Titanium are believed to produce green and blue tourmaline

– Manganese is believed to produce red, pink and yellow

– The first tourmaline was discovered in 1554 but was thought to be an emerald

– Tourmaline can hold an electric charge when heated

Vintage Fire Opal & Diamond 18K Ring
Australian Opal with Diamonds $3,700

Opals play with light creating a kaleidoscope of colors! Rich in lore, Australian mines have now become the world’s primary source of Opals.

– Opal contains up to 20% of water in it’s structure, meaning they can become brittle – thus it is believed that wearing opal jewelry as often as possible and exposing it to humidity and the air will help the opal from becoming cracked or pale.

– Opal is believed to help depression and finding true love

– Opals were believed to contain lightning from the sky

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