Happy May Birthday! – Emeralds

Emeralds are part of the beryl family of minerals (along with Aquamarines) and get their color from chromium or vanadium. Most emeralds today are mined in Columbia, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Zambia.

Emeralds are usually very included and a clear emerald may be worth much more than a diamond of the same size. They are usually treated and finding a natural emerald is difficult.

Some fun facts about Emeralds:
Emeralds are the traditional gift for a 55th anniversary in America.
Emeralds have been prized in many cultures, one of the oldest being Egypt where mummies were found buried with emeralds.
Colombia yields more than 50% of all emerald production.
Emeralds were believed to help clairvoyance. In one culture, putting emeralds under your tongue was thought to enable seeing the future.
The “Bahia Emerald” is one of the largest known at 840lb and comprised of about 180,000 carats. Mined out of Brazil, it has been the center of a custody battle between 8 people and the country of Brazil¹.


Happy Birthday to everyone born in the month of Emeralds!

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