10 fascinating things you should know about April Birthstone including your boyfriend

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10 fascinating thing you should know about april birthstone including your boyfriend

Well, hello there again my pretties. If your birthday falls on this lovely month and you have a boyfriend, there is a good excuse for you to show him all your pinterest boards filled with diamond rings. If he stares at them blankly, you can say “I’m just showing you what my birthstone is!”. He should get the hint and if not, you know what to do girl!  If you don’t have a boyfriend, there’s still plenty of reasons for you to be happy to be born on April. You are very special because diamonds have a long and rich history worth exploring. But who wants to read all that, right? Here are 10 fascinating things you should know about April birthstone including your boyfriend.

Let’s start with something romantic. The world’s first engagement diamond ring was known to be from the marriage between Mary of Burgundy and Maximilian of Austria. Unlike other monarchs who married for business, they were actually in love. Mary was a very confident girl who knows what she wants because she actually requested the rings in her letter to Maximilian. She said “At the betrothal, your Grace must have a ring set with a diamond and also a gold ring.”  Sassy! And he did and gave it to her less than 24 hours before the wedding.

Have you ever wondered how the slogan “Diamonds are Forever” come from? A journalist named Frances Gerety was hired to write an ad copy for De Beers. She came up with it before she fell asleep! The company didn’t really like it but they couldn’t come up with better ideas either so they went with it and now it’s history.

Diamonds are believed to provide the wearer with wealth, happiness and power. The Egyptians believed that the vein of love runs from the heart to left hand’s third finger. Oh, here’s something you might want to experiment for fun. If you place a diamond on a sleeping lover’s chest, he or she will sleeptalk and tell all. No need to hack their phone.

Can you guess how much the largest diamond weighs? We already think 3 carat is a little too much to bear on your finger but it weighs 3106 carats. Here’s what it looks like as a rough stone. Another fascinating fact is that less than one percent of women in the world will ever wear a diamond of one carat or more.

White color diamonds are the most common but there are other colored diamonds as well. Pink, purple, green, blue, violet and pure oranges are pretty rare and the red is the rarest of them all.

I save the most fascinating facts for the last. There is a planet made up almost entirely of carbon. That’s like a planet made of diamonds! It’s near a milkyway and named 55Cancri e. There’s also a star that is just a big shinning diamond floating in the universe which is about ten billion trillion trillion carats. It’s more appropriately named “Lucy” after one of my favorite Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”.

Fascinated enough to adorn yourself with diamonds? Here are some of my suggestions:

10 fascinating things you should know about April birthstone including your boyfriend

If you’re a fan of simplicity, you will like this three stone tension set diamond ring that we have for sale. Whether you wear it as a stand alone piece for fancy events or give it as an engagement ring to your loved one, it will stand the test of time.

10 fascinating things you should know about April birthstone including your boyfriend

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You’re going to hate me if I reveal how much this little harry winston yellow colored diamond ring cost. But look how pretty it is?! If you’re lucky enough to have a sugar daddy, you’ve probably already put this in your shopping cart. But for us mere mortals, we have the privilege to stare and one day dream of owning this fine sugar dad….oops, I mean, this fine gem.

Happy April babes! Wishing you all of you a strong and resilient month like a bright diamond!