Not a Game: Helping Hawaii’s Seniors Know the Value of Their Jewelry

What does a game of Bingo have in common with selling precious pieces? You have to cover some ground before reaping the rewards! For residents at the Hawaii Kai Retirement Center, participating in the monthly Bingo Bash, rewards come in the form of $25 gift cards to CVS Long’s Drugs Stores – a gift from Hawaii Estate & Jewelry Buyers.

Hawaii Kai Retirement Center is one of our favorite places in the community, and we often look for ways to make their lives easier and their days, fun. Not only do we donate gifts for their monthly Bingo Bash, but we also provide complimentary consultations and work with their seniors to educate them about the value of their jewelry.

We ensure that folks have true estimates of their possessions before deciding to sell, and spend the time to educate seniors on common misperceptions when selling jewelry, such as that their pieces can only be sold for scrap value or that they must make an immediate decision on whether to sell.

Our word is honest and accurate. The retirees know that we won’t play games with them – only if it’s Bingo.