Jewelry Education

Estate and Vintage Jewelry: Jewelry Design Eras Throughout History shares some information on the most common design periods for jewelry. When buying vintage jewelry, it may be interesting to know the story behind the piece. Knowing a little bit about jewelry design periods can help you find the perfect vintage piece for your collection. The Georgian era (1714-1837) encompasses the reigns of Kings … Read more

The Value of a Good Evaluation

For some, looks are everything. But in our line of work, looks can be deceiving. In the jewelry business we know that we can’t judge a book – or in our case, a piece of jewelry — by its’ cover. Because as we’ve experienced on a few occasions, simple pieces of jewelry can in fact … Read more

Unique Antiques: Determining Which Diamond Makes the Cut

When shopping for a special piece, keep in mind that each antique is unique. In all honesty, selecting the right piece is like selecting the right partner – you need to weigh all of your options before making sure that you have the perfect fit. To help you get started, familiarize yourself with what’s out … Read more

Things to Know Before Selling Your Gold

Before every big decision you do your research. Check real estate websites and consult with realtors before deciding to sell your house. Look for the best offers at dealerships before accepting an offer to buy your car. At Hawaii Estate & Jewelry Buyers our top priority is making sure that our customers are comfortable and … Read more

Diamonds – Cut, Color & Clarity

  DIAMOND CUT Cut is often considered to be a diamond’s most important factor. It determines what we generally think of as a “sparkle.” Cut grade is an objective measure of a diamond’s light performance. When a diamond is cut with the proper proportions, light is returned out of the top of the diamond, also referred to … Read more